From Piacenza to Pontremoli in Toscane

Dear Friends, Last Wednesday morning I returned from my hike in Italy. This episode I entered the Apennine mountain range and crossed the ‘Passo della Cisa‘ to the Toscane region. I had a great time and met some great people on the way. I had a lot of opportunities to Continue Reading

Can we meet on my coming trip?

Dear Friends, Next week on Saturday the 15th, God willing, I will fly from Amsterdam to Milan. The next day I will travel back to Piacenza by train to continue my hike on the Via Francigena. If everything goes according to plan I will traverse the Apennine mountain range and Continue Reading

From Les Valettes (CH) to Verrès (IT)

Dear friends, Yesterday we returned from our 11-day hiking trip in Switzerland and Italy. An amazing trip with lots of experiences and challenges and our first opportunity to inform people about Hiker Online International. We have planned our next trip God willing coming month and will be back in Verrès Continue Reading