Hiking T(r)ips

Top 5

So what are the best hiking tips to take with you on your adventures? To make it easy we have invented the short abbreviation SWFFT.

The Top 5 out of 10 useful tips make SWFFT:

#01 – Find, build or bring a Shelter on your trip. A tarp/tent is fine.
#02 – Find or bring fresh Water with you. Make sure you always stay hydrated.
#03 – Find, hunt for, or take Food with you. Your body needs fuel.
#04 – You need Fire to stay warm and to cook. Cold can kill so prevent hypothermia.
#05 – Use your Tools. Use a knife, axe, saw and other gear to make trail life easier.
#06 – Know the terrain. Don’t get lost.
#07 – Rest & recover.
#08 – Use your brain.
#09 – Stay calm, don’t panic. Don’t let your fear take over.
#10 – Stay positive. Never give up, never surrender.


Happy Hiking