Hiking T(r)ips

The best hiking tips

So what are the best hiking tips to take with you on your hiking trips? To make it easy we have invented the short abbreviation SWFFT. The Top 5 out of 10 useful tips make SWFFT.

#01 – Find, build or bring a Shelter on your trip. A tarp/tent is fine.
#02 – Find or bring fresh Water with you. Make sure you always stay hydrated.
#03 – Find, hunt for, or take Food with you. Your body needs fuel.
#04 – You need Fire to stay warm and to cook. Cold can kill so prevent hypothermia.
#05 – Use your Tools. Use a knife, axe, saw and other gear to make trail life easier.
#06 – Know the terrain. Don’t get lost.
#07 – Rest & recover.
#08 – Use your brain.
#09 – Stay calm, don’t panic. Don’t let your fear take over.
#10 – Stay positive. Never give up, never surrender.

The Best Tips For Your Trips … bit.ly/swfftonline

Happy Hiking