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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our international website. We are Aad Passchier and Walter van der Wolf. Hiker Online is a christian Hiking & Outdoors initiative for men and women who have a passion for the outdoors and in particular hiking.

We organize day- and multi-day hikes for men and women seperately. At the moment we are active in The Netherlands and are looking for ways to expand our activities abroad.

We would like to invite christians worldwide to join the international christian hiking community by taking the hiking and outdoors experience to your own communities.

The idea is very basic and actually quite simple:

  •  Use the Hiker Online  Logo below (2000x2000px) and the Official Hiker Online Instagram account;
  • Organize a couple of ‘Hiking and Outdoors’ events in one year with a soulmate or kindred spirit;
  • Create your own website to make your hikes and adventures public;
  • Then invite all your Hiking & Outdoors peers to join you, everyone is welcome.

Let us know if you’re interested!

Social Media

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Aad & Walter

Hiking T(r)ips

Top 5

So what are the best hiking tips to take with you on your adventures? To make it easy we have invented the short abbreviation SWFFT.

The Top 5 out of 10 useful tips make SWFFT:

#01 – Find, build or bring a Shelter on your trip. A tarp/tent is fine.
#02 – Find or bring fresh Water with you. Make sure you always stay hydrated.
#03 – Find, hunt for, or take Food with you. Your body needs fuel.
#04 – You need Fire to stay warm and to cook. Cold can kill so prevent hypothermia.
#05 – Use your Tools. Use a knife, axe, saw and other gear to make trail life easier.
#06 – Know the terrain. Don’t get lost.
#07 – Rest & recover.
#08 – Use your brain.
#09 – Stay calm, don’t panic. Don’t let your fear take over.
#10 – Stay positive. Never give up, never surrender.


Happy Hiking

Beautiful Pics

Sharing pics

Join the community of fans who share their most beautiful pictures online with Instagram. Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.

The app is available for free on basically all smartphones and tablets. It can also be accessed on the web from a computer, but users can only upload and share photos or videos from their mobile devices.

Collect your beautiful moments and use our hashtags #swfftsurvivaltips, #swfftonline and/or #hikeronlineofficial in your Instagram posts.

We look forward to see your photos! … 😎

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If you want to contact us you can reach us by clicking on the e-mail button (menu on the bottom) or simply send us your questions or remarks below or on our Facebook Messenger account at:


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The Hiker Online Team